Course History

Hole 8-8The Naval Academy Golf Course is the home course of the Brigade of Midshipmen, Including the Naval Academy golf team, coached by Patrick Owen, and staff of the Naval Academy and numerous active and retired military personnel and local associate members from the community.

The golf course was born in 1938 when the U. S. Navy purchased extensive land on Greenbury Point for a needed expansion of its radio communications facility.  At that time the tract of land included 18 holes developed  in 1928 by the Greenbury Point Yacht and Country Club which had become defunct in the hard times of the Great Depression.

In 1940, the Naval Academy Golf Club opened for play with nine holes resurrected from the original course.  In 1942, William Flynn was contracted to develop a high quality 18 hole course, building as much as possible on the existing nine holes. Flynn had grown up playing golf with Francis Ouimet and he worked as greenskeeper at the Merion Golf Club under the golf course designer Hugh Wilson. Wilson invited Flynn to join him in a partnership for golf course design and when Wilson’s health failed, Flynn became a successful designer in his own right.

Hole 10-4In 1944, the Flynn designed Naval Academy course opened for play. That course included 11 holes south of Greenbury Point Road and seven holes north of the road.  Flynn incorporated well the rolling terrain of inlets and drainage of the surrounding tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay into his design.

In 1954 further expansion of the radio facility eliminated two of the holes south of the road and two holes, the present numbers 13 and 14 were added. This completed the layout that exists today with the front nine south of the road and the back nine north of the road. Flynn’s design emphasized his strategy of “preferred line of play” in which the golfer is encouraged to place his shot with thought for advantage on the subsequent shot.

Until the advent of satellite communications, the landscape of the course and Greenbury Point included numerous radio towers, one of which exceeded 800 feet in height  With the exception of three towers on Greenbury Point (retained for use by boaters as navigation aides), these towers were removed by 2003.

Hole 16-7The golf facility includes a modern pro-shop staffed by golf professionals and technicians under the direction of head professional Patrick Owen. The course superintendent is Tom Schemmel. Restaurant facilities are housed in the Club at Greenbury Point.

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