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Application for USNA Faculty Membership

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please list the requested information for a spouse and/or dependents below; dependents must be under the age of 25. For each, include Name, Relationship, Birthdate and Address
  • I understand that the rules and regulations of the governing administration of the Naval Academy Golf Association as approved and upheld by the President and are to be adhered to by myself, my dependents and/or guests. I certify that the information verifying my eligibility is true.


Applicants will be notified when their information is processed and receive membership information.

The following information represents the USNA faculty member dues, for both single and family memberships, and other rules and regulations that pertain to membership at NAGA. USNA Faculty members must be full-time employees of the U.S. Naval Academy. If a USNA faculty member retires within 24 months of the establishment of their membership, they will be transferred to the applicable membership category and responsible for the corresponding initiation fee and monthly dues.

Monthly Dues

Single: $295

Family: $410

Dependent Eligibility: Children of members may be carried on their parent’s membership until they reach the age of twenty-five so long as the parent member pays the family membership fee. When the child reaches the age of twenty-five they may no longer be carried on their parent’s membership.

Guest Privileges: Members are permitted to introduce up to three guests per visit. However, the following restrictions apply:

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Navy Golf Membership

Managed by the Naval Academy Golf Association, the Naval Academy Golf Course is an 18-hole university course. It is the home course of the Brigade of Midshipmen, Naval Academy golf teams, active and retired military, USNA faculty and staff, and civilian members.

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